Nov 14, 2022

Use PAL and eduroam in Purdue

Purdue is pushing for some random software to configure Wi-Fi. So here is a brief note to configure everything by hand.



DNS Issues

My Windows system runs into DNS issues when using the Purdue network. After a little debugging I found that Purdue (surprisingly) blocks access to as a DNS server.

After a little digging I found that Purdue wishes to push users to use their own DNS server to 'add security protections from various forms of Malware, Botnet, Phishing, Torrents, and monitor connected devices for on-going malicious activity.'

I think it is highly suspicious that Purdue pushes users to use their DNS servers ( and even to the extent of actively blocking other DNS servers. but these servers do work. I also find that is not blocked so I use that one for my DNS services, at least before it is blocked in the future.